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DSI is a healthcare technology company.  We combine healthcare business office experience with a savvy eye for enabling  technologies to help our clients run the most efficient business office possible.


We strive to provide our clients timely access to high-value information in a user-friendly and affordable way. Leverage our library of PAS-specific and PAYER-Specific business rules to enhance your remittance processing.


The Business Office is too frequently encumbered by delays from IT and the PAS vendor.  Dephinitive's solutions liberate you to take Action and achieve great results!

Dephinitive News

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  • Decoding your Remittances in real time, and preserving them for future benefits

    Decoding your remittances in real time, and preserving them for future benefits Do you ever...


  • Endangered data on your retired systems

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Dephinitive Blog

Dephinitive Systems

  • As Dephinitive Systems becomes larger, we strive at creating an increasingly sophisticated image for our company. Of course, we are a Healthcare IT company by heart, and we will always be so. But we want to tell the world that … Continue reading →


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